The Clothing, Textiles, Footwear and Leather Growth Programme (CTFLGP) is a Programme of the Department of Trade, Industry and Competition (“the dtic”) to grow employment, improve overall competitiveness and to grow the clothing, textiles, footwear, leather and leather goods manufacturing industries. The CTFLGP is administered by the CTFLGP Desk (“Desk”) at the IDC on behalf of the dtic.

The CTFLGP has been simplified and revised to better meet the sector’s needs, as follows:

  • Programme A: Competitiveness Improvement to drive increases in production output; job creation, transformation and sustainability in the sector.
  • Programme B: Expansionary Working Capital to support product localisation, company growth and expansion.
  • Programme C: Start-up Funding to support early-stage start-up companies still in development stages and fashion designers to drive broad based transformation.
  • Programme D: Cluster Funding to develop groups of globally competitive companies to ensure a sustainable business environment able to retain and grow employment levels and support the vision and objectives of the Masterplan.

The incentive will support job growth, industry output, enhance the sector’s competitiveness, promote inclusivity and transformation, encourage industrial development and innovation while adjusting to technological disruptions.

The architecture of the scheme is aimed at bringing “additionality” in the following forms: localization & import replacement (onshoring product manufactured to SA), job creation (growth and sustainability), production output increase, increasing of exports and aligning to government policy on
transformation, women advancement, youth, etc. thereby aligning to the Masterplan aspirations.

Additionality is measured through the following three things:

  • Growth in real output (e.g. sales volume, exports, etc.) focusing on import replacement,
  • Job growth and
  • Broadening participation (e.g. B-BBE transformation, start-ups,
  • SME’s, targeted sub-groupings (Women, Youth and People With Disabilities).

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