Critical Infrastructure Programme:

  • Critical Infrastructure Programme is an investment incentive that the South African government is implementing to stimulate investment growth in line with the Industrial Master Plans and the National Industrial Policy Framework (NIPF).
  • It is a cost-sharing (except in the case of state-owned industrial parks and distressed municipalities) incentive that is available to approved applicants as may be approved by the AC.
  • The programme aims to leverage investment by supporting infrastructure, agro-processing projects, state owned testing facilities, South African film and television studios and cinemas, state-owned industrial parks, strategic feasibility studies and projects that alleviate dependency on the national grid, water and sanitation networks deemed critical or of a strategic nature, thereby lowering the cost of doing business.
  • In the case of infrastructure projects alleviating dependency on the national grid, water and sanitation networks, the municipality/Eskom/relevant authority must be involved. The investor must obtain a concurrence from the municipality/Eskom/relevant authority that even if the infrastructure is within private control, the municipality/Eskom/relevant authority has documented concurrence that it has access to the infrastructure.
  • Clean/green energy infrastructure for the purposes of selling to other institutions/customers on condition that the rate of supply takes the CIP grant into consideration, will qualify.
  • Municipal/Eskom infrastructure projects located within a Special Economic Zone (SEZ) can be supported under CIP. However, the relevant authority must give concurrence that it has access to the infrastructure. Such infrastructure should not be funded/supported under the SEZ fund.
  • Projects where the infrastructure and the investment are the same, that is, where the investment is the actual infrastructure, will be considered. The applicant must be transformed in terms of ownership and the projects must show meaningful black professionals participation in the management of the operations.

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