What the Export Marketing and Investment Assistance Scheme scheme offers:

Primary export market and foreign direct investment research: Exporters can receive compensation for costs incurred in developing new export markets or recruiting new foreign direct investment after visiting potential investors in foreign countries.
Inward-bound missions: Support is given to organisers of inward-buying investors or trade missions, to make contact with potential investors to conclude deals. Group missions must be organised by a qualifying organisation such as an export council or by TISA.
Outward-bound trade missions: Assistance is given to South African exporters that want to contact foreign buyers with a view to concluding new export orders.
Outward-bound investment recruitment: Support is provided to South African businesses taking part in outward investment missions, with a view to attracting foreign direct investment.
Individual participation at exhibitions: Help is given to individual exporters to exhibit products at recognised exhibitions abroad where TISA does not provide a national pavilion.
National pavilions: TISA participates in selected trade fairs and exhibitions abroad using national pavilions. Assistance is given to qualifying South African exporters to introduce their products into foreign markets by participating in suitable foreign exhibitions in a cost-effective manner.


  • Individual Exhibition Participation:
    • Transport of samples;
    • Rental of exhibition space;
    • Construction of stands;
    • Interpretation fees;
    • Internet connection;
    • Telephone installation;
    • Subsistence allowance per day;
    • Return economy-class airfare; and
    • Exhibition fees up to a maximum of R50 000.
  • Primary Market Research & Foreign Direct Investment:
    Exporters will be compensated for costs incurred recruiting in new FDI into South Africa through personal contact by visiting potential investors in foreign countries.
    • Return economy-class airfare;
    • Subsistence allowance per day;
    • Transport of samples; and
    • Marketing material.
  • Individual Inward Missions:
    Assistance is provided to South African entities organising an inward buying investor, to make contact with them to conclude an exporters order or to attract foreign direct investment.
    • Registration of a patent in a foreign market: 50% of the additional costs capped at R100 000 pa;
    • Return economy class-airfare;
    • Subsistence allowance per day;

Going forward, incentive and Dream Team Capital can play an even more important role in the co-ordination, integration and reporting on the consolidated performance of the various fragmented energy efficiency initiatives in the country. Contact us today for professional assistance in streamlining your application for the Export Marketing and Investment Assistance Scheme.