• The objective of Strategic Partnership Programme to encourage large private sector enterprises in partnership with Government to support, nurture and develop SMEs within the partner’s supply chain or sector to be manufacturers of goods and suppliers of services in a sustainable manner.
  • The intention of the programme is to support Broad-Based Black Economic Empowerment (B-BBEE) policy through encouraging businesses to strengthen the element of Enter and Supplier Development (ESD) of the Codes of Good Practice.
  • Strategic Partnership Programme will be available on a cost-sharing basis between Government and the strategic partner(s). It is available for infrastructure and business development services necessary to mentor and grow enterprises.

The strategic partner must be:

  • A taxpayer in good standing and must be in this regard provide a valid tax clearance certificate.
  • In compliance with the requirements of B-BBEE and must provide a valid certificate of B-BBEE Compliance.
  • 60% of total SME’s supported by the strategic partner programme should at least be 51% owned by black south African citizen(s).
  • Committed to the strategic partnership by having a corporate interest in supplier development and must in this regard provide a market access plan for the SME’s to be developed or off-take agreement(s).

Grant Disbursement

  • The grant will be disbursed quarterly or bi-annually based on the actual SMEs supported subject to approved disbursement schedule and actual expenditure incurred with supporting documents.
  • The first claim becomes due not later than six (6) months after the date of receiving an approval letter from the dti, and will be reimbursed based on actual expenditure incurred.
  • Successive claims thereafter are due three (3) months (quarterly) or six (6) months (bi- annually) after the submission of last claim as approved in the disbursement schedule.
  • Failure to submit claims by the due date, the approval will be automatically terminated and no further claim/s will be processed.
  • The grant will be disbursed subject to satisfactory verification of expenditure incurred by the strategic-partner and this may include audit confirmation and a physical on-site visit by the dti.
  • The claim form should be accompanied by relevant documentation as required by the dti on the approval letter as indicated in paragraph 12.3.
  • the dti reserves the right to recoup any monies already disbursed either in total or in part informed by circumstances and conditions deemed necessary to cancel the project.

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