Criteria for Support Programme for Industrial Innovation Support:

  • Development should represent significant advance in technology;
  • Development and subsequent production must take place within South Africa;
  • Intellectual Property to reside in South African registered company;
  • Participating businesses should (must) be South African registered enterprises;
  • Government funded institutions (e.g. CSIR) do not directly qualify for support but may participate as subcontractor(s) and;
  • No simultaneous applications from the same company.

The qualifying costs in Support Programme for Industrial Innovation are as follows:

  • Personnel Related Costs;
  • Travel Expenses (defined maximum);
  • Direct Material;
  • Capital Items and Tooling;
  • Software (not general software);
  • Documentation;
  • Testing and Trials;
  • Licensing Costs;
  • Quality Assurance and Certification;
  • Patent Costs; and
  • Subcontracting and Consulting.

Non Qualifying Projects/costs:

  • Projects receiving other government funding;
  • Military projects; and
  • Where SPII contribution is not significant (at least 20% of total project costs).
  • Production and commercialisation related;
  • Marketing and administrative costs;
  • Product/process development for a single client;
  • Basic and applied research;
  • Projects which, at the time of application, are more than 50% (70% for PPD) complete; and
  • All costs incurred prior to submitting a duly completed application.

General Criteria

  • The major proportion of the development project (refer to 7.4.5) and subsequent manufacturing of the product must take place in South Africa. This applies to the production envisaged at the time of evaluation, as reflected in the sales projections included in the report to the SPII Adjudication Committee.
  • All Intellectual Property (IP) rights in terms of the Intellectual Property Rights from Publicly Financed Research and Development Act, 2008 (Act No. 51 of 2008) (“the IP Act”), as amended from time to time shall, shall reside in a South African-registered company.
  • In the case of the SPII Product Process Development Scheme, IP rights, as defined in the IP Act, that have been developed as a result of a project supported by the SPII Product Process Development Scheme, must reside in a South African-registered company from the initiation of development activity until three years after the completion of the project. (the completion date is the date of payment of the final milestone).
  • Products developed with support from the SPII Product Process Development Scheme must, where applicable, comply with relevant national and international standards.
  • Only one application may be considered from any company at a time. Subsequent applications will only be considered on completion, cancellation or withdrawal of a project.
  • The applicant must submit a valid South African Revenue Service Tax Clearance Certificate at the time of application and for each milestone payment request.
  • Only applications prepared by the applicant will be accepted for evaluation. No consultant or third party prepared application will be processed unless a formal declaration from the applicant is provided. Where applicable, an example of the application form completion will be provided by the SPII administrators

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