• The Technology and Human Resource for Industry Programme (THRIP) is intended to leverage collaborative partnerships between government and industry (working with academia), for applied research and development projects in science, engineering and technology on a cost-sharing basis, to produce highly skilled human resources and technology solutions, for improved industry and enterprise competitiveness.

The objective of the programme is to develop new technologies for industry application and subsequent industrialisation and commercialisation, through applied research and development. The objective will be achieved by implementing amongst others:

  • Improved knowledge exchange and technology transfer through increased interaction and mobility among researchers in Higher Education Institutions (HEIs) and Science, Engineering and Technology Institutions (SETIs) as well as technology personnel, in South African industries;
  • An increase in investment by industry and government, in applied research and technology development; and
  • Technology transfer and product or process improvement or development, through applied research collaboration between enterprises (large and small), HEIs and SETIs.

The incentive is awarded for the following:

  • Applied research and innovation projects as defined in Section 5 below.

In pursuing its objectives, THRIP will prioritise the following:

  • Support for projects within the priority sectors for development as identified by the dtic and aligned with master plans where new technology innovations will increase local content supply and employment;
  • Achieving transformation with respect to beneficiaries from THRIP, specifically
  • in terms of:
  • Nationality and race of students; and/or;
  • Previously disadvantaged higher education institutions; and
  • Strengthening participation of Black-owned enterprises.

Nature of Qualifying Projects

All projects must meet all criteria stated below in order to qualify for financial support from THRIP:

  • The project must have clearly defined scientific and technology outputs, including human resource outputs, expected for each year of support; and

The project must demonstrate all the following:

  • Causality [demonstrable output(s) and outcome(s)];
  • Implementation plan (the way in which the output or outcomes will be used by the applicant);

The project must be applied research of which the output/s will directly benefit the applying entity in its competitiveness and business activities (no basic research will be considered).

The project application must clearly demonstrate the degree of innovation (new solution/product and/or improved solution/product) and level of technology readiness

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