Workplace Challenge Programme Workplace Transformation Toolkits

The Workplace Challenge Cluster Programme utilises five Workplace Transformation Toolkits to effect development within companies participating Workplace Challenge clusters.

  • Management system toolkit
    • The Management System of the Workplace Transformation Toolkit aims at helping organisations to make a successful transition to a culture of continuous improvement. The Management System teaches participants to apply the principles of plan–do–check–act or plan–do–check–adjust (PDCA) – to plan, to implement according to plan, to review plans, to take corrective actions, and to celebrate achievements. It teaches participants about consistent and regular communication and to start off on the right foot by having a purpose and a vision for the transformation of their workplace.
  • Goal alignment toolkit
    • Performance is only possible if common goals are owned and pursued by all teams. Goal alignment is often the first Toolkit implemented by the WPC Coaches. The toolkit aims to encourage communication and aligning goals and targets throughout the organisation, down to first-line team level; aligning top-down and bottom-up management; creating effective organisation structures so that everybody will know where they fit in and what they are responsible for.
  • Cleaning and organising toolkit
    • Cleaning and organising is one of the most important foundations for continuous improvement. Cleaning and organising is about making work easier and creating a functional, visually organised workplace of which people are proud. A sustained, high level of implementation supports high levels of safety, quality and productivity, low cost and fast, on-time delivery. Cleaning and organising is also known as 5S, sort and discard: set in order: shine: standardise and self-discipline.
  • Teamwork toolkit
    • Teamwork is one of four foundation elements of the Workplace Transformation Toolkit. It aims at creating an understanding of the importance and role of teamwork in workplace and business improvement; it helps to create a culture of continuous improvement; the toolkit equips teams with the knowledge to implement small group activities and Kaizen projects; it equips teams with the knowledge to apply basic problem solving techniques
  • Leadership toolkit
    • The aim of leadership is to strengthen the skills of every first-line manager to develop, lead and inspire productive teams to ensure that all team members are developed to their full potential. The managers of team leaders play an important role in the successful implementation WPC programme, they need to coach their team leaders on an ongoing basis, on the skills introduced by the WPC Programme, as well as provide support for implementation of other elements of the Workplace Transformation Toolkit.
  • Green productivity toolkit
    • The WPC Coaches use the Green Productivity Toolkit to coach participating enterprises to implement Kaizen projects aimed at improving their own carbon footprint; water footprint; chemical footprint; paper footprint and human energy footprint

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